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Logout Help

Timout and Logout Information

Timeout Information
When you are logged into the web site, your session will remain active and you will remain logged in as long as you continue using its functionality.
If you do not interact with the web site for 20 minutes, your session will expire.  When this happens, your browser will automatically redirect you to the logout page.  Your session terminates, and you will need to authenticate at the login page to return to the web site.

Why does my session timeout?
For security purposes, the site automatically logs you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.   This is done to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to information on your computer while it sits idle.  This is an industry best practice, consistent with other sites that contain account information such as other utility web sites or sites in the banking sector.

What happens when I logout?
When you log out of the web site or your session is timed out, you will be taken to the Logout page.  Your session is terminated, and you will need to return to the login page to gain access to the web site again.