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Who is Anthracite Power and Light?

Anthracite Power and Light is the retail electric arm of Jack Rich Inc., set up to distribute locally generated power from its affiliated independent power plants. Anthracite Power and Light is an Electric Generation Supplier (EGS), created when electricity markets were deregulated in Pennsylvania.

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How long has Anthracite Power and Light been in business?

We have been serving our affiliated entities since 2003.

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What does Anthracite Power and Light do for communities?

Anthracite Power and Light and its affiliates provide hundreds of local jobs, and together with its employees, is committed to supporting the communities we serve. In addition, we encourage our employees to volunteer and support charitable and non profit organizations. Our goal is to provide locally produced energy to the people and businesses in our existing market areas at competitive prices.

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What exactly am I shopping for?

You are shopping for the company that supplies your electric generation. There are three parts to electric service: generation, transmission and distribution. Generation is the production of electricity.

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Once I sign up with Anthracite Power and Light, will my local utility still service my meters and lines?

Yes, your local utility company, the Electric Distribution Company (EDC), will remain the same, but your monthly electricity bill will come from Anthracite Power and Light. An example of an EDC in various parts of Pennsylvania is PPL. These utilities are responsible for transmission and delivering your electricity. This transmission is the movement of electricity from where it is produced to a local distribution system. Distribution is the delivery of purchased power to the customer. All are regulated by the Public Utility Commission to ensure safety and reliability of your electric service.

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If I switch to Anthracite Power and Light, do I need a new meter installed?

There is no new meter installed and the electricity is delivered over the same poles and wires as always. For more information on deregulation, please go to the following: Pennsylvania Utility Choice

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What are Anthracite Power and Light's hours of operation?

Existing customers can reach our customer service department Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm, or email us at

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What happens if the power goes out?

You will still call PPL about power outages and repairs.

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Why is Anthracite Power and Light electric generation prices lower than my electric utility?

Our local affiliate generates the electricity that we sell, which means we do not have to purchase electricity from a broker or reseller. We pass these savings on to you. The price to compare is the price per kilowatt-hour, not your total electric bill. Your bill will always include PPL Electric Utilities charges for delivering your monthly service, distribution charges.

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Is Anthracite Power and Light a licensed supplier?

Yes. We were licensed by the PUC.

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What length or terms of the agreement do you offer?

Our agreements are one year minimum terms.

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Do I need a special meter?

How many bills will I receive?

One. Our energy will be billed on the same bill as your distribution charges from PPL.

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